Ten Unexpected Restaurant and Bar Closings This Fall

The thrill of so many exciting restaurant openings — and there were plenty this fall — can be tempered by news that one of our favorites didn't make it. But things other than bad food or bad business can doom an eatery. A kitchen fire shuttered the Cherry Cricket — which may rebuild and reopen in early 2017 — and a screwy sublease deal meant an untimely end to the Inventing Room, which is also expected to reopen next year, although in a new location. Here are ten bars and restaurants that have closed this fall, along with links to our coverage so that you can read the full story.

Kitchen Fire Closes Cherry Cricket, But There's a Backup on Blake Street

Mary Jane's Pizza Replaced by Hungry Bear Kitchen at the Denver Wrangler

RT Cafe & Bar Calls It Quits in the Original Home of the Spicy Pickle

The Cooler Becomes the Skyline Pub Tonight in Edgewater

The Inventing Room Gets an Eviction Notice From Landlord

Aoba Sushi Leaves the Crowded LoDo Pool

Last Call for the Squeeze Inn, a Great Denver Dive

Hall Brewing Closes Taproom in Parker, Plans to Relocate in the Future

Photos: Loyal La Loma Patrons Say Goodbye to the Jefferson Park Restaurant

Taja Indian Closes on Lincoln Street, Owner Plans to Relocate
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