The best food-and-drink government shutdown tweets on Twitter

Right, so here we are without a government. Isn't that just dandy? Thousands of federal employees are facing the prospect of shrunken paychecks, while the House and Senate are at a standstill, with both sides refusing to budge. And this whole debacle is making people cranky -- really cranky, kind of like the cranky that you feel when your gut hasn't been fed since that last bowl of Froot Loops.

The irritability is palpable, especially on Twitter, where the glut of 140-character lashes cover everything from the consequences of compromising food safety to the halting of beer label production. Considering that the last government shutdown -- back when former President Bill Clinton was just beginning to have problems keeping his pecker in his pants -- lasted for 21 days, it's difficult to have a sense of humor about the deadlock, which isn't remotely funny, but at least the Twitterverse is providing a bit of comic relief in between tweets about poverty and hunger, food regulations and food poisoning.

Here are some of our favorite food-and-drink government shutdown tweets from the past few days -- and one from a Denver restaurant that's offering a sweet deal to furloughed workers.

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