The Food Network's "Outrageous Food" features King's Chef Diner

"The Thing,"at King's Chef Diner, is a messy, four- to five-pound landfill of Texas toast, hash browns, eggs, green chili, cheese and meat. Outrageous? Who could disagree? The Food Network recently featured the dish, a main attraction at the Colorado Springs diner, on an episode of its Outrageous Food show hosted by Chef Aaron "Big Daddy" McCargo Jr.

According to Gary Geiser, "The Thing" has been on the menu for more than fifty years. Geiser, who bought King's Chef in 1997, tweaked the recipe a bit, but it remains essentially true to its roots. The dish has always been called "The Thing," he says, and to his knowledge, has no relation to the sci fi flick.

Here's some archeological detail on "The Thing":

First, take two slices of Texas toast. Put some ham, bacon or sausage on top. ("Most folks go for all three meats!!!," Geiser says.) Layer that with two mounds of fresh hash browns, topped with two eggs, then a handful of shredded Monterey Jack and cheddar cheese. On top of that goes "two full scoops of our Colorado green chili," Geiser says. Then top it all off with more cheese.

It's not the first time the diner has won the channel's attention. King's Chef was featured on weatherman Al Roker's "Roker on the Road" about seven years ago.

The show aired last week. Watch a clip after the jump, which includes props from Olympic wrestler T.C. Dantzler and a dude who ate his 107th "Thing" for the taping:

From the diner's homepage, click on "In the News," then click on "Food Network 2."

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