The Knockout

After those recent, regrettable shootings in LoDo, a friend remarked that the area has been taken over by juvenile delinquents and that there's nowhere to take older workmates or parents for a cocktail. I was blown away by this comment. LoDo is chockablock with fine establishments for the more sedate crowd. And not only are there plenty of places to go for a grown-up time, but LoDo also is home to Sullivan's, which has the most picture-perfect bar imaginablefor adults -- complete with nightly jazz ensembles, men in suits, divorcées, cigar smokers and one of the best bar menus in town, served until 11 p.m. Sullivan's also has impressive adult beverages of the scotch and martini varieties. My favorite is the appropriately named Knockout, made of pineapples that have been steeped in Smirnoff Orange for two and a half weeks, then hand-squeezed through cheesecloth. Next time you want to get blasted in LoDo, leave the guns at home and get a Knockout.
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Nancy Levine
Contact: Nancy Levine