The List: Breakfast kings and queens

Since I discovered DJ's Berkeley Cafe (right), I've had breakfast on my mind. Here's a list of the best places in town to get your morning fix.

Breakfast King, 300 West Mississippi Avenue. Still the king, always the king. And it's just been tagged by Esquire magazine as one of the best places to eat breakfast in the entire United States -- but I loved it from almost the first minute I landed in Denver.

Pho 79 III, 1080 South Havana Street. Breakfast doesn't get any better than at this cement bunker in Southeast Aurora.  There are only two things on the menu: pho and Vietnamese coffee. But really, if you need anything more than that to get your day started right, you're reading the wrong blog.

 Toast, 2700 West Bowles Avenue, Littleton.  An absolute heaven for pancake lovers, where the kitchen offers them by the flight. Oreo pancakes. Strawberry cheesecake pancakes.  Lemon-blueberry pancakes.  Even the Plain Jane pancakes here are better than the pancakes served anywhere else in the city. Toast is comfortable and brightly lit, with colorful, breakfast-themed art on the walls and decorative toasters lurking in odd corners; it's cute but not too cute, hip but not too hip.

Mona's, 141 South Broadway.  DJ's corned beef hash is good, but Mona's is in a class by itself--reason enough to go and check out this little neighborhood breakfast bar.

Rosie's Diner, 14061 East Iliff Avenue, Aurora.  Gigantic breakfasts, a crew that won't look crossways at you when you order a chocolate malt with your eggs, and a '50s car-cult diner theme that isn't nearly as cheesy as it sounds -- those are the draw at Rosie's. It helps that this place was fabricated after the plans of the original train-car style diners of the Post-War boom and that the kitchen is incredibly skillful at making everything from pancakes to melts to omelets. 

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