The List: The best new restaurants of 2008

Many great restaurants opened in 2008, as I discovered while researching the Best of Denver 2009. Root Down, which I review in this week's paper, was not one of them. My favorites:

1) Bones

2) Shazz (same goofy philosophy, same kind of ridiculous name, much better food.)

3) Venue

4) The new 8 Rivers

5) Star Kitchen

6) Bistro One (it has the potential to become great, whereas Root Down has the potential to just make a few bucks before the buzz dies down)

7) Lala's Wine Bar + Pizzeria

8) Beatrice & Woodsley (an avatar of over-thinking and insanity, saved by an insanely over-thought menu that actually fits the space.)

9) Brasserie Felix

10) Indulge

11) Fuel Cafe

12) Masterpiece Delicatessen (best sandwiches around)

13) Las Tortas

As for Root Down, I review it in this week's Westword. Check back here later for the review.

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