The top five non-bro, non-dude places to watch sports in Denver

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Not all sports fans are dudes. Not all sports fans are bros.

Some of us were offended by Kobe's and Joakim Noah's insensitive language this year and felt they deserved to be fined; some of us don't dress and act like we did in college; some of us think Lebron's Decision was a smart business move and some of us don't pound shitty beer coupled with frozen-then-fried processed food.

In fact, there are plenty of sports fans who appreciate the artistry of athleticism and the strategy of its execution, and who enjoy watching it take place with a good craft beer in hand and a plate (not a basket) of thoughtfully prepared food to go with it.

That said, here are the top five places to watch sports in Denver...if you're not a dude:

5. Big Game Restaurant and Lounge If you're feeling swanky (and let's face it, even us non-dudes sometimes do) then Big Game is the perfect spot to fulfill your baller fantasies. With twenty microbrews on tap (most from Colorado), an extensive menu of American fare with a gourmet twist, plush leather furniture and a thirty-foot HDTV, this place feels more like a sports book than a sports bar. Big Game is located downtown, decidedly dude territory, but it's spacious, so you don't have to be close enough to hear them ramble on about their crotch rockets. Bonus: Executive chef Leo Harvey not only put together a creative and impressive menu, but he gets most of his produce and meat locally. 4. The British Bulldog This cozy neighborhood bar is the ideal place to catch the game anytime, especially if your game is soccer (it opens at 7 a.m. for football games across the pond). The British Bulldog has an impressive mix of local and imported craft beers on tap, and just like the traditional English pub it pays homage to, a menu featuring Indian and Pakistani dishes that are surprisingly spot on. The place feels like a true pub without trying too hard, and it's somewhat off the beaten path, so as not to attract cologne-soaked dudes who reek of effort. 3. Bull & Bush Pub and Brewery Its no wonder this forty-year-old family-owned Glendale establishment snagged this year's Best Brewpub Award; the beers deserve every accolade they get, the food is simple and good, and the atmosphere is family friendly yet lively. Brunch is where it's at, though, especially with a day game; you'll be relaxed, away from the busy downtown scene and its spiky haired, collar-popped dude population. 2. Charlie Brown's Bar and Grill This old school Capitol Hill hang out definitely shows its age, but in a good way. The classic vibe is contrasted by one of the most eclectic crowds in Denver. There's always someone at the bar worth talking to, from senior citizens to hipsters to traveling business folks staying in the hotel across the street. Charlie Brown's has enough local craft beer in bottles to keep a beer nerd satisfied -- and it offers good, greasy food to satiate your drunken appetite late into the night. Plus, watching the game on the patio is a blast; everyone faces the screen and cheers for their team. There's even some good-natured trash talking, thankfully not the type that leads to shirtless, albeit empty threats from the fan dude. 1. Horseshoe Lounge Located in the up-and-coming Curtis Park neighborhood (next door to Jonesy's Eat Bar, a great place in its own right), this slightly divey spot is the perfect place to watch a late game. It has plenty of comfy furniture, quirky vintage decor and a diverse mix of patrons, most of whom sport ink rather than backwards baseball caps. Best of all, it pours killer craft beers on tap and offers a late-night menu offering pub grub done well.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.


Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.