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The top five non-bro, non-dude places to watch sports in Denver

Not all sports fans are dudes. Not all sports fans are bros.

Some of us were offended by Kobe's and Joakim Noah's insensitive language this year and felt they deserved to be fined; some of us don't dress and act like we did in college; some of us think Lebron's Decision was a smart business move and some of us don't pound shitty beer coupled with frozen-then-fried processed food.

In fact, there are plenty of sports fans who appreciate the artistry of athleticism and the strategy of its execution, and who enjoy watching it take place with a good craft beer in hand and a plate (not a basket) of thoughtfully prepared food to go with it.

That said, here are the top five places to watch sports in Denver...if you're not a dude:

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