The Top Five Things Red Lobster Got Right -- and Wrong

It's all about the Cheddar Bay biscuits with Red Lobster, right? Well, churning out those deliciously addictive little biscuits is the best thing Red Lobster has ever done in a history of some awesome hits -- and terrible misses. RL just announced it's making some changes by booting non-seafood items off the menu and upping the seafood dishes, perhaps in an attempt to get back to why customers wanted to bother eating there in the first place. Red Lobster seems to be on the decline with folks turning to fast-casual, so it has to make some changes to stay competitive, but with its spotty track record change isn't always good.

Here are five of Red Lobster's menu ideas that it got right -- and wrong. Red Lobster's got ninety-nine problems right now, but a biscuit ain't one.

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Jenn Wohletz
Contact: Jenn Wohletz