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The Wynkoop brews InaugurAle for John Hickenlooper's throning

As if the Wynkoop Brewing Company didn't have enough going on today -- it announced that it will join with Breckenridge Brewing -- it has also named (tentatively) the beer it plans to brew in honor of brewery co-founder and Governor-elect John Hickenlooper.

Hickenlooper's InaugurAle will be brewed on Saturday, with Colorado malt, oak chips, beet sugar ("Because Hick could not be beat," says Wynkoop spokesman Marty Jones), and other interesting ingredients.

"Our goal is for the beer to be a little heartier and richer for winter special-occasion quaffing," Jones adds.

"And that extra strength is required when taking on the governorship in hard times. We designed a beer that is more malty and hoppy, because we didn't want it to be to bitter and rule out people from either party," he adds. "It's a bi-partisan beer." (Does that mean the Democrats and the American Constitution Party?)

The beer should be available in January when Hickenlooper is inaugurated.

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