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Three Monthly Gift Clubs for Sharing the Holiday Spirit Year-Round

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If you give a gift on Christmas day, the recipient will thank you and move on. If it's a food gift, the contents will soon be devoured and forgotten. But if you want to be remembered year round, a subscription will remind your loved ones every month that you care enough to say it with food. Here are three monthly gift clubs from Denver companies guaranteed to make the epicureans in your life happy — each and every month.

1) Tender Belly Bacon Every Month Club
Tender Belly has been making serious inroads into the Denver pork scene since it began peddling bacon and other products to Denver restaurants in 2010.  You may have pigged out on the company's bacon at Snooze or at any number of other dining destinations and realized that not only is cured pork belly the perfect side dish, it would also make a great gift. Fortunately, Tender Belly has a monthly bacon club that includes four pounds of bacon for $59 each month (shipping included). You can sign up your friends and loved ones for as few as three months, either every month or every other month. Choices include maple, habanero or two packages of each. Register on the Tender Belly website or call 800-975-6806. What won't come with the gift? Hormones, antibiotics or guilt — Tender Belly only works with farmers who guarantee no gestation or farrowing crates and a 100-percent vegetarian diet for their pigs.

2) St. Kilian's Cheese Shop Cheese of the Month Club
The little Highland cheese shop has been selling creamery creations from old- and new-world producers for the past fifteen years, with personalized service and plenty of cheesy accoutrements. Cheese makes a great gift for Christmas, but if you'd like to extend the dairy delivery well beyond December, sign up for St. Killian's cheese club. Select from packages ranging from $100 to $420, for three-, six- or twelve-month options, either with or without charcuterie. The club comes with an introductory pack that includes a cheese journal; you can work with the shop to make sure the monthly orders — with three cheeses each month that can be picked up at the store — are just right for the recipient. 

3) Kaladi Coffee Roasters Seasonal Coffee Club
This Denver coffee roaster wants you to share the caffeinated love this year with a monthly gift of locally roasted beans. For $280, the roaster will ship one pound each month from growers all over the world (a two-pound subscription is also available). And if the object of your affection is a connoisseur, you can select beans by continent, region or roast. For a little more, there's also an espresso club for lovers of Italian-style dark roast and a decaf club for those who prefer their morning cup without the buzz. Sign up on the Kaladi website.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.


Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.