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Top Chef victor Hosea Rosenberg takes a sabbatical from Jax Boulder

How's this for a coincidence?

Beginning Thursday, October 1, Hosea Rosenberg -- Bravo's Top Chef: New York conquistador and Jax-Boulder exec chef -- is launching, to more or less announce his five-month sabbatical from the house of aquatics that made him famous.

The new site, explains Bryce Clark, marketing director for Big Red F, the Dave Query restaurant group that owns Jax, "will be a combination of a blog that Hosea will write himself, Twitter and Facebook feeds, recipes, travel guides and pictures and videos of his travels."

Late last week, Leah Cohen, the contestant on Top Chef: New York best known for swapping spit with Rosenberg in a PG-rated sex scene while filming the show (they've since denied a relationship), suddenly upped and vacated her exec chef position at New York's Centro Vinoteca to "continue her culinary education by studying in Southeast Asia and Spain." Her departure, coincidentally, comes at the exact same time that Rosenberg plans to "travel all over the United States and to South America," which he'll be doing in between "attending the Latin Food and Wine Festival in Florida, cooking at a James Beard dinner in Wisconsin and touring Louisiana for the best food and drink," says Clark.

All of which leaves us to wonder where Rosenberg and Cohen will hook up in between their worldly jaunts.

Nah, not really.

Far more important is who'll be cooking in the kitchen that Rosenberg is leaving behind. And that person, says Clark, is none other than Sheila Lucero, the exec chef at Jax-Denver, 1539 17th Street. "Sheila and Hosea have been collaborating for some time now, taking both of their strengths and and infusing them into the menu at Jax Boulder. The current menu in Boulder is actually a bi-product of both of them," notes Clark.

Lucero will put in equal time at both kitchens, while Rosenberg will "still be in the kitchen as much as possible, popping in for special dinners and jumping on the line while he's in town," Clark promises.

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