Trekking to Lakewood for a Touch of the Exotic at India Nepal Oven

Saturday lunch is the best time for an all-you-can-eat buffet. You don't have to worry about returning semi-comatose to work and you've probably already done yard work or something else outdoorsy to justify the added caloric load. Indian restaurants, especially, tend toward low-risk, high-reward buffets, with plenty of potential for filling, if not dazzling, fare. Still, I'm more of a fan of ordering from the full menu, especially at places like India Nepal Oven that hide less common specialties on the print menu while proffering an array of popular steam-table favorites on the buffet. Ordering from the menu, I can still leave uncomfortably full -- only with food that I selected myself and was fresh-cooked just for me. See also: Khazana Indian Restaurant Focus on Tamil Cuisine
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