TRVE Brewing adds capacity, upgrades, plans new beers

Since it opened last June, TRVE Brewing has constantly struggled to make enough beer to quench the thirst of its Baker neighborhood regulars.

This week, though, brewery owner Nick Nunns replaced his three four-barrel fermenters with three seven-barrel tanks, nearly doubling his capacity and ensuring customers that he will be able to keep at least six different beers on tap at all times.

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"We're in a high-traffic area, and our weekends are insane. It is standing-room-only sometimes, and we struggle to keep up," says Nunns.

In January, TRVE, which has a black-metal music theme, brewed a 4.2 percent AVB session ale called Death Ripper in collaboration with the band Speedwolf. So many people showed up for the tapping that TRVE had its biggest night ever, and consequently ran out of Death Ripper quickly, along with all of its other beers.

"This should give us some breathing room and allow us to weather the big weekends and some of our events," Nunns adds.

The first beer that Nunns brewed and put into the new tanks was Wanderlust, his Belgian/American-style pale. That will be followed by Hellion, a session ale. He is planning some new beers as well, including a double IPA that should be ready in April. Eventually, Nunns wants to have all eight of his taps running.

As for his old tanks, Nunns sold them to James Howat, who is starting his own nanobrewery in Denver called Former Future Brewing. In the meantime, though, the tanks have been installed at Our Mutual Friend Malt & Brew, which will use them to store its own beer along with Howat's, which OMF will contract brew.

Brewing equipment is in short supply these days, given the number of new breweries that are going into business in Colorado and elsewhere, so when Nunns put the tanks up for sale on probrewer.com, he says he got almost fifty replies within 24 hours.

"James has been a regular of ours, and he stopped in and said he'd take them," Nunns says. "So I feel like I'm helping out a regular who has been helping us out by being a customer. It feels like a really good karmic thing."



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