Tryst is moving -- to Playa del Carmen

After almost six years, Tryst will close after a last round of parties this weekend.

Owner Paul Piciocchi plans to move the concept to Playa del Carmen -- yes, in Mexico -- and then reopen a "new, improved watering hole" in Tryst's space at 1512 Larimer Street, in Writers Square. That's just a block from the trio of venues -- the Rack & Rye gastropub, the Mix and the Drink -- that Piciocchi opened late last year at 1320 15th Street, in the former home of Alto.

Here's the announcement about Tryst's upcoming move south of the border:

A Tryst Lounge Thank You Note.

It was almost six years ago that I signed the lease to begin building and then opening Tryst - originally because I thought it would be fun to be a bartender but was too lazy to become good enough for someone to hire me - and then as a place to enjoy great times with friends old and new. Tryst has been nothing but an absolute pleasure for me over these years - a financial success to be sure, but even more of a personal joy. The digital art wall, strawberry infused vodka, open garage doors on sunny evenings - - these are some of my favorite things in Denver.

I wanted to offer a note of deep gratitude to everyone who has been part of this experience so far. The team members, promoters, bachelor/ette parties, hosts, designers, liquor reps, facilities guys, landlords and - most of all - our guests. And a special thank you to Violet, who was there from day one, who was nice enough to join us at the last second when I thought "gee, maybe running a bar is more work that I thought", who made Tryst smooth sailing for five years, and who is now my business partner in the award winning Rack & Rye Gastropub just a block away.

Not many people know that I originally fashioned much of the design and the open-air aspects of Tryst after a number of venues I saw in a visit to Playa Del Carmen. So how fitting that it seems likely that Tryst will find its new home in the city that inspired it. I expect many Denverites to visit once we're up and running!

Some people think I'm a bit mad to re-do Tryst now - after all, it's still doing very well and has become somewhat of a LoDo staple. But I think it's time for us to update what a LoDo watering hole can be - so fear not, after an amazingly quick once-over (seriously, you won't believe how short the down-time will be), our new venue will be open once again - better than ever. The best aspects of Tryst won't be changing - same staff, same strawberry infused vodka, same digital photo wall, same music, the same laid-back attitude and strong drinks... even, for better or worse, the same owner. ;) As for what will be new, you'll just have to keep an eye out for an invitation to the opening and stop on by. Ok, one hint: Big. Ass. Fan.

In the meantime, come stop by for Tryst's last weekend in Denver - April 2nd and 3rd. Eat, Drink and Be Merry. Pick up a nostalgic old Tryst CD or two. Have a jager-bomb with me. Enjoy whatever random drink specials we end up having. Stop by anytime - I'll be there most of the weekend, most likely getting in the way of the bartenders.

Looking forward to the next six years! --Paul

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