New Ready-to-Drink Bottled Cocktails Are Hitting the Denver Market This Month

The bottled cocktails officially launch June 24.
The bottled cocktails officially launch June 24. Courtesy of Uncle Tim's Cocktails
It was a passion for curating experiences and creating tasty cocktails for friends that led Tim Felkner and Patrick Stern to develop Uncle Tim’s Cocktails, which will celebrate its debut with a launch party on June 24 at 1150 Lipan Street. The event, which will include cocktails, light bites, a DJ and an opportunity to walk through the company's production area, is free at attend, but you can also add on a six-bottle tasting set to take home for $50 on Eventbrite.

With a background in restaurants and hospitality, Felkner was often the go-to for mixing cocktails. He and Stern became known among friends as the quintessential hosts for brunches, music-listening parties and late-night cocktail tastings, with people often turning to them to ask, “What are we doing this weekend?”

Felkner started bottling his well-made cocktail creations, simply because he wanted to spend more time chatting with friends and less time behind the bar. When people asked him where they could buy his libations, the idea for a potential future business was born. Years later, once he was looking for a change from hospitality without giving up his love of creating experiences, launching the ready-to-drink cocktails as a brand seemed like a perfect solution.

The goal was providing that same high-quality cocktail you’d drink at a bar or restaurant, but for a fraction of the cost at home. As he developed the line, Felkner also enlisted the help of a friend to convert a horse trailer into a mobile bar that serves at public markets and is also available for private events like weddings and birthday parties.

The Uncle Tim's line will launch with three variations of two classic cocktails: the Manhattan and the Negroni. "These are both cocktails that I fell in love with in the bar world," Felkner explains, adding that he's always loved classic, spirit-forward cocktails. He also gravitated toward these in particular because they are often made with a personalized touch and are continuously getting updated over time.
click to enlarge Uncle Tim's mobile bar is available for private events. - COURTESY OF UNCLE TIM'S COCKTAILS
Uncle Tim's mobile bar is available for private events.
Courtesy of Uncle Tim's Cocktails

The Negroni series starts with the classic bitter and sweet Negroni, followed by a fresh White Negroni and a spicy and smooth Boulevardier. The Manhattan series includes a traditional smooth Manhattan, a Smoked Manhattan and the Midnight. Local ingredients are preferred, when possible, as with the Colorado peat-smoked whiskey in the Smoked Manhattan and the Colorado gin used in the classic Negroni.

Exploring the series among friends or on a date night is a conversation-starter, Felkner says, and makes way for digesting the various tasting notes, similar to tasting wine. “You can create an experience in someone’s home without actually being there,” Felkner notes.

The plan is to continue to introduce new cocktails in a similar way, with a three-part Old Fashioned series next on the horizon. The cocktails can all be purchased as a set or individually, and are available in 100-, 375- and 750-milliliter bottles.

Despite being new to the market, the cocktails are already bringing in awards, with recent accolades from the Denver International Spirits Competition, San Francisco World Spirits Competition and SIP Awards. “It was a great way to splash into the Denver and Colorado scene,” Felkner says.

For more information about Uncle Tim's Cocktails, and to order bottles online, visit
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