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Upper Larimer vs. Tennyson: Which is the better 'hood?

Coming off a big upset of Larimer Square in the first round, the Tennyson neighborhood and its backers now face hot Upper Larimer (which also beat out establishment-favorite Cherry Creek) in the second round.

Below are our endorsements of each neighborhood, let us know which is the best with your votes.

Why you should vote for Upper Larimer:

While lower downtown was turning into the fashionable LoDo, the area around Upper Larimer was known as NoDough. But that began to change with the construction of Coors Field, and seventeen years later, the 2100 and 2200 blocks of Larimer Street are some of the hottest in town, with Trillium, Ignite! and Biker Jim's brick-and-mortar restaurant last year joining a lineup that already included Marco's Coal-Fired Pizzeria and Twelve. But you can still get a taste of the past here, too, at Mexico City Lounge and Star Bar.

And here's why Tennyson should get your vote:

The Berkeley neighborhood is one of the town's hottest residential markets these days, and the short commercial strip along Tennyson Street is one of its biggest draws. The tidy bungalows and Victorian homes in this northwest Denver 'hood are just a brief walk (and you'll want to walk, because parking is tough to come by) from an incredible array of restaurants, everything from Axios Estiatorio to Big Hoss Bar-B-Q to Parisi Italian Market & Deli to DJ's Berkeley Cafe to the Cozy Cottage to Empanada Grill.

Cast your vote below!

Voting ends at 11:59 p.m., Sunday, March 25. Vote in more Street 16 match-ups.
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