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Valentine's Day sex: Flesh and flush in the Great White North

Valentine's Day is a special time for lovers to celebrate togetherness. And what better way to spend that time than in a unisex bathroom in Canada?

Donna Dooher, owner of Mildred's Temple Kitchen in Toronto, recently sent an e-mail blast to her customers asking if they'd thought about having fun outside the bedroom - specifically, in her bathroom, which Donna claims is among the "101 places to have sex before you die." I'm not sure who did the survey, but doing the deed in a cramped stall, with trousers dropped and a hand on the toilet roll to steady yourself, is not all that appealing.

But Donna insists that trysts in her restaurant are a romantic way to celebrate the "Weekend of Big Love." So with Valentine's Day fast approaching, maybe it's time to spend some hard-earned dollars and cross the border over Rainbow Bridge to the best tourism trap ever.

After all, Donna says she hires extra help for the weekend in the form of bathroom attendants. I get it when an attendant offers you cologne, perfume, deodorant, shoe shining - but how awkward would it be when the patron requests a wetnap and some lotion?

Jim Chan, food safety program manager for Toronto Public Health, says that Mildred's isn't breaking any laws as long as the bathrooms are kept clean and there's no sex in the kitchen. Good thinking: Since the owner is also the chef, who knows what she's pounding on the cutting board or using as a sauce....

I wonder if you have to sign a waiver prior to letting yourself go?

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