Vegan Food Truck Migration Taco Delivers to Your Door

Migration Taco's pizza puff is a popular new menu item.
Migration Taco's pizza puff is a popular new menu item. Tracy Rackauskas
Vegans have a new stay-at-home option for dining in safety and comfort. Migration Taco, a food truck that launched a year ago, is now delivering plant-based tacos, bowls and macaroni and cheese right to customers’ doors.

“People enjoy being able to get food they love delivered to their homes, especially in these weird times,” says owner Tracy Rackauskas.

The delivery area was recently expanded to include an area bounded by 72nd Avenue on the north, Chambers Road on the east, Belleview Avenue on the south and Wadsworth Boulevard on the west. Don't expect the truck to pull up to your curb, though. Delivery is contactless and you'll receive a text when your order is on its way and when it arrives. Rackauskas felt that bringing food to customers instead of making them leave their homes was the best and most practical way to get her vegan cooking out there.

“We're all safer when more people stay home, and contactless delivery allows our customers and delivery drivers to stay safe,” she says. “It's been going well, and we've been staying busy, and we're super-thankful for that.”

The menu changes every week. “We've been trying to keep favorites on the menu while also being flexible according to what's available,” Rackauskas explains. The buffalo wing mac n’ cheese uses rotini (instead of elbow noodles) tossed in housemade, non-dairy cheese sauce topped with seitan Buffalo wings. There are garbanzo- and chorizo-based tacos, carne asada tacos and barbecue party tacos, with barbecue seitan wings, mac n’ cheese, mustard-glazed collard greens and coleslaw.

The most popular item since the pandemic has been a completely new item Migration recently created: a vegan version of pizza puffs, a Chicago classic. Pizza ingredients are wrapped in a flour tortilla and then the whole thing gets deep fried. Last week, stuffing options included seitan Italian sausage, and this week it's seitan pepperoni.

Migration Taco is offering delivery from noon to 7 p.m. Tuesdays and Fridays and 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Sundays; check the schedule and menu at for the latest updates. There are a limited number of delivery windows available for each hour.
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