Vert Kitchen opens in West Wash Park

After meeting in France (where they both attended culinary school), Noah Stephens and Emily Welch came back to Denver, where they just opened their own sandwich shop, Vert Kitchen. It's only open from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. (and closed on Monday), has no liquor license -- due to the spot's proximity to a school -- and is tiny, only 750 square feet and thirteen seats. But the

menu makes me hungry

After working on the place for over a year, they finally opened this week. "We have a really small menu with European-inspired sandwiches," Stephens told me. "Emily does a lot of the ordering, but we use Grower's Organic, John Long for pork, and our beef is from Boulder. I've lived here before, and we just did this for the neighborhood. There's nothing on this side of the park."

Vert Kitchen is located at 704 South Pearl Street; the phone number is 303-997-5941. But don't miss the website, with a blog showcasing the place from the ground up. 

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