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Viejo Domingo now open on West 38th Avenue

Denver's got itself a new Argentinian restaurant. Viejo Domingo opened this past Saturday in the space formerly occupied by Playa de Oro at 3555 West 38th Avenue. It features a meat-centric menu of Argentinian specialties like parrilladas and milanesas, a full bar and live performances of Argentinian folklórico music every Saturday.

Co-owner Vicente Domingo, who moved to Denver just eight months ago, has experience in the biz -- he had an identical restaurant in Miami for about a year. According to assistant manager Oscar Castillo, the idea for a Denver restaurant was hatched over dinner a couple months ago with Domingo and others. Castillo says the crew of friends got the space into shape in just two and a half weeks.

Domingo, who is originally from Buenos Aires, is not only the restaurant's co-owner, but also its chef and namesake. The restaurant's name has a dual meaning, one referring to Domingo's father ("viejo" means "old" in Spanish), the other referring colloquially to a relaxing, Argentinian Sunday Castillo explains.

The dishes are moderately priced -- $11.99 to $13.99 for most entrees. The wine list is exclusively Argentinian, with glasses going for $5.50 or $7 and bottles for between $18 and $29. The parrilladas -- a festival of meat, with short ribs, "flat meat," chicken, tripas, Argentinian chorizo, and blood sausage -- run $29.99 for two, $59.99 for four (which includes a bottle of house wine). Milanesas (breaded meat) cost $11.99.

The menu also features several pasta dishes. Argentinian cuisine is heavily influenced by Europe, Italy in particular, Domingo explains. Photos of Argentinian gauchos alongside urban scenes of Buenos Aires, occupy the space's walls; a partial thatched-roof bar is in the corner; South American music plays on the sound system. For more info, call 303-433-5777.

Take a peek at Denver's newest Argentinian grill:

Hours: Sun.-Wed.: 11 a.m. - 10 p.m. Thurs.-Sat.: 11 a.m. - 2 a.m.

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