Visit Denver Announces Dates for 2016 Denver Restaurant Week

Fans of good deals, mark your calendars: Visit Denver has announced the dates for Denver Restaurant Week 2016. The twelfth annual eating orgy will take place across metro Denver from February 26 to March 6 next year. Registration for restaurants will begin in November, and the list of participants and their menus will be published in January. 

The event has gone through several permutations over the years. When Denver Restaurant Week started in 2005, dinner was priced at $52.80 per couple and remained that way until 2014; in 2016, as in the previous two years, dinner is a flat $30 for one. The event was originally a week long but was increased to two weeks in 2009; when the two-week stretch proved a little tough on restaurant staff, in 2014 the event was split into two separate weeks, one at the end of February and one at the end of August. But restaurant owners weren't too keen on handing out a week of discounted dinners during prime patio season, so in 2015 Restaurant Week became a ten-day event at the end of winter.

For now, that seems to be the winning formula that allows diners time to check out multiple eateries without the schedule becoming too grueling for servers and cooks. Find more information here.

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