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Voice Places is cleaner, better, faster, stronger -- and you can win a Punch Bowl gift card

By now, regular Cafe Society readers are familiar with Voice Places, the listings engine behind all of Westword's restaurant reviews and calendar picks. Today, that engine got a lot more powerful, with a new design that brings even more content to the fore. Here are some of the many benefits from the fitter, faster, stronger Voice Places:

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- Cleaner design with editorial and reader reviews brought to the fore - More lateral links between pages - A blog section to keep the homepage fresh - Integration with Foursquare - Trending events and locations - Improved photo galleries

So take a look. You'll find more pictures, more stories, more user reviews (hey, that's you) and even integration with tips from Foursquare. If you're already a commenter on Cafe Society, you can start leaving reviews immediately. And from now through tomorrow afternoon, you can become eligible to win a gift card to Punch Bowl - Social Food & Drink by doing so. Tomorrow afternoon, we'll check out all the Voice Places reviews left on Thursday and Friday and select one lucky winner for free fun at Punch Bowl.

Check out Voice Places now!

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