Voodoo Doughnut is taking over the corner of Broadway and Bayaud, the former home of Famous Pizza.EXPAND
Voodoo Doughnut is taking over the corner of Broadway and Bayaud, the former home of Famous Pizza.
Lauren Antonoff

Reader: We Lost Famous Pizza for This? Hipster Doughnuts?

Would you rather have a second location of Voodoo Doughnut or the original outlet of Famous Pizza, which opened on this corner at 98 South Broadway in 1974? Denver diners aren't getting a choice: When rent went up, Famous decided it was finally time to get out, and last summer the Portland-based Voodoo announced it would open its second Denver location in this spot.

This weekend, the Voodoo sign appeared on the building known as the White Palace, now empty of all previous tenants.

Are doughnuts a fair trade for pizza? We asked diners what they'd rather have via Instagram, and so far the votes are running two to one for Famous over Voodoo.

Says Moses: 

I always said if they go through with closing Famous Pizza for them, then I would never have a Voodoo Doughnut again. Well, that day has come.

Asks Jay: 

Why do people go so apeshit over Voodoo? I remember when the first one opened up across from my Humboldt apartment and they would line around the block for hours. For a pink box....

Adds Emily:

 Famous Pizza was a million times better than their cruddy hipster donuts.

Replies Steve: 

Mediocre pizza being replaced with mediocre donuts. Yawn.

Counters Matt: 

Awesome! Can't wait to get some Voodoo Doughnuts!

Steve responds: 

No more than 5 percent of these whiners had ever been to Famous in their life.

Explains Jill: 

Famous Pizza was a special meeting place for us downtowners meeting the down Broadway crowd for lunch. Of course, pizza back in olden times was hand-tossed and had a bit of grease. It had yet to be sanitized.

Comments Carla: 

I hate this shit. Couldn’t it at least be a CO-based place? Why does this have to come to South Broadway?

Keshet adds: 

Famous was amazing, a true staple for Broadway for a very long time. But FIVE other pizza places opened up on the block in what, three or so years (?), and they got pushed out ???? I welcome the new Voodoo.

Suggests Derek:

 There goes the neighborhood.

Concludes Todd:

 In related news, scientists have recently announced the discovery of Conservation of Carbohydrates, to go with Conservation of Mass and Conservation of Energy.

After its owner died, the White Palace was sold to a new owner in spring 2018, who quickly raised rents. One of the first tenants to go was Socorro's, a tiny taqueria; one of the last was Gildar Gallery, which shut its doors last month and is going nomadic.

Gus Mavrocefalos, the owner of Famous Pizza, closed his pizzeria last summer after 44 years in that location. "They just want too much money," he said of the new landlord. Voodoo, which opened its first Denver spot at 1520 East Colfax Avenue in 2013, was willing to pay the price.

What do you think of the new tenant at 98 South Broadway? Doughnuts over pizza? Post a comment or share your thoughts with cafe@westword.com.

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