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Gildar Gallery Closes Its Broadway Space, Goes Nomadic

Adam Gildar, second from the left, with Cortney Lane Stell, Tony Labat and Jacquelyn Connolly.
Adam Gildar, second from the left, with Cortney Lane Stell, Tony Labat and Jacquelyn Connolly. Sara Ford
Adam Gilder will be closing the physical location of Gildar Gallery at 82 South Broadway and transforming his gallery into a nomadic project.

The gallery, which has operated for seven years, showed more than 160 artists and hosted more than fifty exhibitions; it just wrapped its most successful year to date, Gildar reports, with record-breaking sales.

Gildar, a Westword MasterMind (and onetime intern) is a respected force in the city's struggling gallery scene, and a major part of the South Broadway arts and music community.

Like many projects along Broadway, his has been challenged by skyrocketing rent, as Denver's growing economy makes it increasingly difficult for creative spaces to survive. Too, Gildar notes that buyers have shifted from purchasing art in galleries to buying it from social-media platforms and at art fairs; that's another reason to abandon a physical location.

"I unequivocally believe physical exhibition spaces continue to be absolutely vital sites," he posted on Facebook early April 8. "I decided to listen to my gut and am excited to see what perspectives emerge on these shifting landscapes by taking some time away from operating a fixed retail location."

His message continued: "It struck me recently that for all of my obsession with art objects and experiences, it’s really the people surrounding them that have been the driving force of my interests and the reason for any success the gallery has had. I’m incredibly grateful and privileged to have interacted with so many wonderful people on South Broadway and to continue these relationships with artists, collectors, curators, writers, neighbors and anyone who has taken the time to stop by for a look."

The gallery will mark the closing of its physical space and the launch of Gildar's new project starting at 6 p.m. on Saturday, April 13, at Gildar Gallery, 82 South Broadway.
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