Walnut Room makes a move on Broadway

After almost two years of searching, Walnut Room owner John Burr has finally found a spot for his next venture, the Walnut Room Pizzeria. It's the former home of Freaky's, at 2 Broadway. There was a fire in the building at Broadway and Ellsworth back in March 2008 and the head shop never reopened, although most of the tenants in the 38 apartments above Freaky's eventually returned.

The landlord has since gutted the former Freaky's space, and now Burr and company are "gearing up to do quite a bit of construction" and finish the 1,900 square foot. Although there will be no live music here, they plan to have a bar and the same menu as at the Walnut Room, the combo club/restaurant/bar at 3131 Walnut Street, offering dine-in, take-out and delivery, seven days a week -- and they also hope to have late hours, until after 3 a.m. on weekends, if the neighbors don't object.

And why should they? The Walnut Room makes very good pizza, and this part of town could use some late-night grub to soak up all the alcohol running through the neighborhood after last call at the clubs.

Although Burr had hoped to get this second spot open by the end of summer, "everything's getting pushed back," he says. Now they're shooting for fall.

His future neighbors on Broadway will be waiting.

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