Want to buy a bar near DU? The Border's available

For decades, University of Denver students have downed beers at the Border Restaurant and Lounge, a sometimes Mex joint tucked into a strip mall at 2014 South University Boulevard. Some of those students even did so legally.

But for the past thirty days, the Border has been dark: Its liquor license was suspended because the bar got caught serving an underage drinker in July -- its fourth official under-age violation since February 2006. The suspension expired yesterday, but under a deal with the city, the Border is still closed, and the business is supposed to be sold by December 1, when its liquor license comes up for renewal.

Want to own a college bar? Border owner REM Capital Corp. is asking $195,000 for the contents, which is being brokered by Sanborn and Company.

According to the Sanborn site, "The area is considered one of the best restaurant and bar markets in Denver. The trade area is densely populated and has good daytime population in addition to DU's 11,292 students (4,898 undergraduate and 6,394 graduates). The facility has a full kitchen and is fully equipped. This is an excellent opportunity to build on a long historic business or convert to your concept."

But fair warning: Serious offers only.

No Buffys and Biffs with their trust funds allowed.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.


Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.