Wash Perk's patio will warm you up

Wash Perk 853 East Ohio Avenue 720-542-9202 www.washperk.com

Owned by a pair of Washington Park locals, Wash Perk is the perfect place to be seen and be served -- coffee and snacks -- in the neighborhood.

Patio hours: All day every day, even when they are closed (although they don't serve drinks when they're closed!)

Seats: About thirty

Smoking: No

Specials: No

Patio perks: Pets are allowed; a patio heater; umbrellas and live music in the summer

Busiest time: When it's warm and early mornings and early afternoons

Slowest time: When it's colder

Most memorable moment: Sometimes we have live music and we had the Flobots on our patio once.

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