Watering Bowl gets a Lift with some rebranding

Watering Bowl, one of Denver's new dog bars that opened late last year, rebranded a portion of its space on Monday. The massive inside bar -- all 5,000 square feet -- will now be known as The Lift, while the outside, dog-friendly patio will remain known as the Watering Bowl. See also: Dudes in Denver bars use dogs to pick up girls -- it's weird.

Owner Jerad Henry was concerned that too many people were thinking of the facility as a doggie daycare. But rebranding the bar, he hopes to attract more business inside. "I didn't want to deflect the dogs, but people wanted us to watch their dogs and board their dogs," says Henry. "We can't do that -- we have a bar and kitchen." And for sanitary reasons, the Denver Department of Health and Environment does not allow animals near where food is cooked.

In addition to a regular bar busienss, Henry hopes the Lift will attract more events and parties. It was introduced with one: The Lift launched with a Twister Party after the Super Bowl. Two hundred and forty people -- and no dogs -- were inside playing or watching a massive version of the classic game.

And over the next few weeks, The Lift will host five events that are free to the public, including a No Couples Allowed Party on Valentine's Day and a Mardi Gras Party March on 1.

The Watering Bowl dog-friendly patio is open from 4 p.m. until midnight seven days a week, and includes an outside bar so that owners can hang with their pets. The Lift is open from 1 p.m. until last call at 2 a.m.

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