Welcome the weekend with salted caramel whiskey at Star Bar

We've taken the cooler days as our cue to indulge in the flavors of fall, shoving cinnamon-ed apples, pumpkin anything and heavy stews into our mouths whenever we can.

Two of our very favorite seasonal delights are whiskey and salted caramel -- and now we know where you can get them together in one happy, magical mouthful.

The crew over at Star Bar has been hard at work, blending a little Helliemaes salted caramel with Stranahan's Colorado Whiskey to create a libation that is, according to owner Justin Lloyd, "boozy," "super rich" and "delicious."

So it's basically all of our wildest dreams come true.

Lloyd made the one-off special for an event this week, but he still has some left behind the bar, and he'll be pouring the salted caramel whiskey until it runs out. You can try it in cocktails, add it to coffee or, perhaps best of all, drink it neat.

And if you stop by Star Bar tonight, you'll not only be helping yourself to a real taste treat, but you'll be helping Denver Public Schools P.R.E.P. Academy -- and also enjoy entertainment from a trio of live bands.


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