What's next for Kevin Taylor Restaurant Group? Something fun and casual...

A presence on Denver's food scene for more than 25 years, Kevin Taylor has been associated with polished dining since the days of Zenith American Grill, which he opened in 1987 to local and national acclaim. That restaurant closed years ago, and in the past two months, two more of Taylor's properties have shuttered: Restaurant Kevin Taylor and Prima Ristorante, both in the Hotel Teatro.

To a less-seasoned restaurateur, the closing of two establishments in that span could be an omen. See also: Review -- Palettes presents an unfinished culinary picture

But the Kevin Taylor Restaurant Group has other ventures, including Palettes in the Denver Art Museum, which I review this week, Kevin Taylor's in the Opera House, and Rouge in Central City's Teller House, open for eight weeks during the summer.

And Denise Taylor, Kevin's wife and co-owner of the business, sees the recent changes as an opportunity. "We don't have any current plans, but a lot of people are talking to us," she says.

Whatever ends up taking shape, she adds, it will probably be "something fun and casual" -- as opposed to "a four-star, four-diamond" concept, like Restaurant Kevin Taylor.

Talk about a sign of the laid-back, small-plate, community-table times.

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