What's the worst way to get a bartender's attention?

Osteria Marco bartender Michael McGill hates being whistled at when someone wants his attention. As he told Westword's Nancy Levine in this week's Behind the Bar column, "I'm not a dog."

Not every bartender is as cool as McGill. Still, no matter how he or she acts, that barkeep holds the keys to your happiness. So use the social skills you've acquired over the years when you try to flag one down.

And in case you have no social skills, here's a list of other things not to do when you want to bring over the keymaster.

1. Spill your last sip all over the place so he has to clean it up. 2. Shout, "Hey, douchebag!" 3. Wave your credit card in the air while you look in the other direction. 4. Fling a coaster at her. 5. Text in your order: 2 PBS and 1 tqila

Can you think of some others? Let us know below.

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