Who's gone wild? The Greeks!
Lori Midson

Who's gone wild? The Greeks!

I somehow managed to miss the unveiling of Greeks Gone Wild: Souvlaki, Wings & Things, a  fast-casual Greek, Mexican and American joint that's been going wild at 2039 South University for two weeks under the ownership of Pete Kallas, who, along with his brothers, also runs Steakhouse 10, the Greek meat temple at 3517 South Elati Street.

The menu, predictably, is all about gyros and kabobs, souvlaki and spanakopita. But Kallas lobbed a few south-of-the-border dishes on there, too, including smothered burritos (one stuffed with souvlaki), as well as cheeseburgers, chicken wings, salads, hummus, french fries, rice pudding, baklava and -- wait for it -- nacho cheese. Just like the kind you get at the ballpark.

That's wild.


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