Wild Catch becomes Roam

When Mizuna alum Tony Clement and his wife, Mandi, took over the operations of Wild Catch after Justin Brunson and his team made an abrupt exit from the three-month-old spot, they brought new fare to the restaurant, changing out the seafood-focused menu for a list heavy on meat and game.

With those alterations to the board, the name "Wild Catch" no longer fit.

And now they've ditched it altogether, says Mandi, adding that the move was something the pair had in mind as soon as they started working with owner Daniel Kuhlman. "There were logistics behind changing the name that had to be taken care of first," she explains.

Once those were out of the way, the team began asking for suggestions. "Nothing had struck us as 'it,'" says Mandi. "We were down to two names -- Land or Roam -- and we opened it up to the staff to vote. Roam won by a landslide."

Roam, she adds, was suggested by a regular guest "who knows our menu and concept pretty well."

The restaurant switched out its sign yesterday, replacing the Wild Catch logo with a similarly styled Roam placard. The change will become absolutely official in three to five days, Mandi notes, when the phone company makes the change. And not long after, they'll announce an official grand re-opening to introduce Roam to Denver diners.

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