"We want to get this one right," insists Mark Tarbell, the Arizona-based restaurateur whose Belmar restaurant, Mark & Isabella, was recently bludgeoned by Jason Sheehan. "I believe in this restaurant, and I don't want to fuck it up."

I caught up with Tarbell earlier today while checking out the new restaurants at the Streets of SouthGlenn, where Tarbell is opening Home sometime around the end of November, and where the second outpost of Tarbell's The Oven (the original is located in Belmar) has been doing brisk business since it opened on October 23. "I've always wanted to do another Oven, and it seemed like a natural fit to do it here, especially since people from around this area drive to the Oven in Belmar," he explains.

Will Home be a hit for Mark Tarbell?

Home, he says, will be completely different from the Oven. "We're doing the foods that my mother and grandmother made and the foods that actually give me a sense of home and comfort," says Tarbell. "And I'm excited about opening Home in this area, because it has a real human scale to it and it's got great energy and flow, which I hope the restaurant will have, too. I know it's a risk being out here, but I have a high-risk profile in my DNA, and I also have a strong commitment to standing by what I believe in."

When Home opens, it'll have an open kitchen, a dining room and a patio, but the focal point will be a back wall lumbered with recycled Ponderosa pine and a large bar area with a community table. "I love bar seating and eating at the bar. It just feels like home," says Tarbell.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.