Wonderbowl -- Not KFC -- Opening on South Federal

A couple of months ago, I

reported with disappointment

that the restaurant under construction at 925 South Federal Boulevard was nothing more than a KFC in the making (according to the construction permit in the window). My disappointment has turned to curiosity, though, because as I drove through the intersection yesterday, I saw a new sign -- not for the Colonel and his red-and-white striped bucket, but for

Wonderbowl Vietnamese Restaurant


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Although the opening date and menu remain a mystery, the spiffy upgrades to the building get my hopes up that this is more than just a seat-of-the-pants pho joint. And I'm guessing the bowls will be filling up soon: There are already tableclothes and place settings on all the tables, or at least the ones visible along the mostly-covered windows. We'll keep you posted once we see more activity.

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