Yum! Aurora releases a guide to the city's ethnic, locally owned eateries

Westword caught some sh*t for our Sh*t People From Denver Say video, especially from readers who thought we omitted a few key catchphrases. So we compiled a list of sh*t our video should have said, including this line submitted by a reader: "All the good ethnic food is in Aurora."

Now Denver's upstart neighbor to the east has made it easy to find all that ethnic food with Yum, its new guide that lists over 150 restaurants -- all ethnic, all locally owned.

It was compiled by freelance food writer Rebecca Caro and produced by the city and its new tourism organization, Visit Aurora. (For more on Visit Aurora -- and why the city thinks you should -- read this week's cover story, "Wish You Were Here!")

Yum will be available at all Aurora libraries, recreation centers, hotels, motels and golf- course pro shops. You can also pick up a copy at the Aurora History Museum and the Aurora Fox Arts Center. The guide was inserted into the Denver Post's YourHub today, and will be distributed inside the Aurora Sentinel next week. You can also get a copy mailed to you if you e-mail access@auroragov.org or call 303-739-7000. Or just check it out below!

Yum, A Guide to Ethnic Eateries

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