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Zagat releases America's Top Restaurants guide -- and Fruition is voted No. 1 in Colorado

We now have a copy of the Zagat 2011 America's Top Restaurants Survey in our grubby little hands. The guide, better known as the "burgundy bible," ranked 1,552 restaurants in 45 major markets across the country, including Colorado, based on votes from more than 153,000 diners.

The Survey also tracks national trends, and -- no shocker here -- the tanking economy means that diners are eating out less (3.1 times per week, down from 3.3 pre-recession), reading menus from right to left (i.e. price is front and center) and backing down on appetizers, desserts and alcohol, except for those of us here at Cafe Society headquarters, who never make sacrifices when it comes to liquor. On the upside, 55 percent of foodniks believe they're getting better deals, thanks to prix fixe meals and other discounts, and 33 percent say that reservations are easier to come by.

But for at least one Denver restaurant, which is barely bigger than a nostril, reservations will likely skyrocket.

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Lori Midson
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