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Zaidy's Deli Will Reopen August 17 in New Location

Team Zaidy's: New co-owners and partners Max Appel, Beth Ginsberg and Joel Appel with original owner Gerard Rudofsky.
Team Zaidy's: New co-owners and partners Max Appel, Beth Ginsberg and Joel Appel with original owner Gerard Rudofsky. Zaidy's Deli
Zaidy's, the Jewish deli that had been a culinary anchor in Cherry Creek for 35 years, closed its doors last October, leaving a matzoh ball-shaped hole in the hearts of many. But founder Gerard Rudofsky and his son, Jason, offered some solace with this goodbye message: "We hope to someday share the legacy and traditions of Zaidy’s Deli with the next generation."

Just ten months later, someday has arrived. Zaidy's Deli will reopen at a new location, 600 South Holly Street (the original home of Ambli), on Tuesday, August 17, with new co-owners Max Appel, son Joel Appel and Beth Ginsberg at the helm alongside original owner Gerard Rudofsky. There will be a ribbon-cutting ceremony at 9:30 a.m., with service starting at 10 a.m.; after opening day, the deli will be open from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. daily.

The new Zaidy's will have over 100 seats, plenty of parking and a major addition: an in-house bakery that will churn out bagels, breads and pastries. Many Zaidy's favorites, including the latke Reuben, will be on the menu, along with some fresh takes like avocado toast, mini bagel flights and specialty cocktails.

To mark the occasion, David Sevick, a friend of Max Appel's and a passionate fan of Zaidy's, composed a poem celebrating the legacy of the deli and its new beginning.
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Zaidy's Deli
The Love of Zaidy’s by David Sevick

© 2021 David Sevick

A lot of our heroes we think of as great
Were given that honor a little too late.
Finally famous but after they’re dead
Could we let them be great while they’re living instead?

People now famous, like Vincent Van Gogh
The Great Galileo, Kafka and Poe!
While they were alive they never knew fame
Nobody cheered when speaking their name.

But today we are happy that isn’t the case
As we gather today at this wonderful place.
For thirty-five years we’ve all come to know
a true Denver legend we couldn’t let go.

Loved by so many, it stood long and proud
Labeled The Best by a strong, loyal crowd.
With service unmatched and delectable dishes
It’s menu well-known as superbly delicious!

The legend we speak of, good gents and dear ladies,
Is the one and the only incomparable Zaidy’s.
A true vision realized by a man named Gerard,
To bring it to life, he worked very hard.

Word quickly spread of this wonderful venue
and the great Jewish comfort food gracing its menu.
Matzah ball soup, delicious pastrami
Latkes and blintzes and kosher salami.

A true Denver landmark, the deli became
A place people loved and a household name.

Something set Zaidy’s apart from the rest
But what was this thing that made Zaidy’s the best?
It was more than good service, more than great food
More than the extras they’d often include.
More than the feeling of homemade delight
More than the way that you’d savor each bite

The thing that takes Zaidy’s beyond and above
is a special ingredient simply called LOVE.

The love that Gerard brought to work every day
Made Zaidy’s MUCH more than a deli café.

The love that went into each dish they’d prepare
Made Zaidy’s a place to which none could compare.

But I’ve always been kind of a wonderin’ man
So I started to wonder who started this plan.
Who is behind this great resurrection?
To bring Zaidy's back with its deli perfection?

It happened because of three dreamers who
said, “We need to bring Zaidys back from the dead!”
Because of Max Appel and Joel, his son,
And also Beth Ginsberg, they got the job done!

It’ll be even bigger than ever before
Over one-hundred seats and outside, thirty more!
A bit further east in their brand new location
More spaces to park so there’s no more frustration!

But the heart and the soul are forever unchanged
Though you might find the tables just a bit rearranged.
But the legacy built by Gerard and his son
Is back and will always be second to none.

So grab your best buddy, your sister or brother
Bring your Aunt Myriam, your dad and your mother!
Hop on your scooter, or drive your Mercedes
It’s time to get hungry, and to come back to Zaidy’s!
Let's all raise a pickle to this resurrection of a beloved Denver classic.
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