Zanzibar rescues its original name, free pool from Bar Rescue makeover

The 2000 block of Larimer Street was ready for its closeup last March when the Spike Network featured Zanzibar Billiards on its popular reality series, Bar Rescue. As part of a five-day overhaul of the bar in December 2012, show host Jon Taffer, a longtime bar-and-club consultant who has transformed a number of failing bars on the series, gave the place a major makeover, and even changed its name to Solids & Stripes Badass Billiards. A year later, how many of those changes remain? See also: Photos of Zanzibar Billiards turning badass

As part of Bar Rescue's five-day overhaul of the bar in December 2012, show Not the name: Owner Ami Benari dumped that pretty fast. "In general, we're very grateful; they did a nice job," he says. "They could have done more, but they did a nice job. And we're thankful for the exposure and for the advice. Except the name. The name sucked."

Another Tatter recommendation he ignored? "We're back to free pool," Benari says. "He wanted me to charge for the pool, but I don't believe in that. I believe in treating my customers right."

Read more about Zanzibar one year after its rescue in Jon Solomon's Backbeat story.

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