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Zoe Ma Ma Now Open Next to Union Station

In the five years since Edwin Zoe and his mom opened Zoe Ma Ma in a tiny spot just off the Pearl Street Mall in Boulder, Anne Zoe's cooking has earned a reputation as some of the best and most traditional home-style Chinese cuisine in the Denver-Boulder area. And today, Zoe is opening a second Zoe Ma Ma, this one next to Union Station in Denver. Customers may wonder if Zoe had to hire a second mom to make sure both locations turn out the same quality of signature dishes to which they've become accustomed: "We sent her DNA to a lab and had her cloned," jokes Zoe.

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Actually, the elder Zoe will be spending time at both locations making sure the staff is fully up to speed with the menu. "We're focusing our attention on the new place," Edwin adds.

In addition to the same menu of "super yummy street food" as the Boulder location, the LoDo branch will also soon include a morning coffee and tea bar called the Orient Espresso. And just like the original, noodles, buns and pot stickers will all be made fresh in-house.

"I'm super-excited to open," says Zoe. "My mom's been busy making pot stickers since yesterday."

In addition to noodle and rice bowls and dim sum like those jiau zi pot stickers and steamy bao buns, daily specials will also appear on the eatery's chalkboard, ranging from "ginormous" Lion Head pork meatballs to roast duck and wonton soup to Sichuan-style braised beef and noodles.

The addition of Zoe Ma Ma adds one of the final pieces to the new construction in and around Union Station. Zoe says the plan was to open much sooner but that it was difficult getting contractors to finish the job, but he's glad to finally start serving customers. "With all the new construction in Denver," he explains," construction resources are spread thin."

Photographer Danielle Lirette made it in time for the opening earlier today to capture some of the first dishes off the line and Edwin Zoe ringing in the first customer.

Keep reading for more photos from Zoe Ma Ma.

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