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24 Hours at the Denver Diner

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Kenzie Bruce
The neon lights of the Denver Diner shine on August 1, 2018.
In July, the Denver Diner property was sold for $3.5 million by its longtime owner, George Skordos, but the diner itself will continue to operate. And thank goodness: Not only does the iconic eatery sit at the intersection of two notable Denver cross streets, Colfax Avenue and Speer Boulevard, but it's also one of the only 24-hour spots in town. However, it isn't just the curb appeal and late-night hours that make the spot a treasure. The Denver Diner is a family breakfast spot, a drunk-food haven, a mecca for servers, a first-date spot and more, depending on what hour of the day you go. Here's what we saw during 24 hours at the diner.