Artists Get Creative at the 2018 Artopia

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Kenneth Hamblin III
Artists displayed plenty of creativity at the 2018 Artopia.
Artopia, Westword's annual celebration of art, culture and fashion, was livelier than ever this year, filling The Church with an immersive experience on February 23. Curated by Jolt, the lineup of artists included Rashelle Stetman, Patrick McGregor, Gems, Jymi Zez Shores, Casey Kawaguchi, Ignor, Feli, Jonathan Miner (Mythik), Alicia Cardenas, Balance 313, Patrick McGirr, Noah Baker (Tukeone), Robyn Francis, Lauri Keener, Amanda Jimenez, Andrea Sanchez, Adia, Bill Meuser Fine Art, Andrew Davis, Anna Charney, Nixi Theodora Pixi, Josh Holland, Markham (Shitty Kitten) Maes, DINKC, Scot Lefavor, Collin Kilty, Joshua Nation, Justin Baker, Nick Scotella and Victoriano Rivera. The night also featured a fashion show with designers C.R. Lee and Kimono Dragons and styling by Matthew Morris, as well as live performances by Guilty Pleasure, Erin Stereo, Aviva, SF1, Me Me Monster and more. All photos by Kenneth Hamblin III.