Artopia 2019 Ticket Prices Increase Tomorrow

Artopia 2019 is just seven weeks away, and you have just one day to snag your tickets for the introductory price.

Westword's annual arts extravaganza will be returning to The Church, 1160 Lincoln Street, on Friday, March 1, and it promises to be a real blast from the past...and into the future.

Artopia 2019 will celebrate decades of Denver hip-hop. While Dent "Party Rockn" M.C. keeps the beat in room after room of entertainment, breakdance acts the Freak Show and the BBoy Factory will dance the night away as Jacky Voice, Swek and Olivia Lucero do live painting. You can get in on the action, too, as DJ A-L demonstrates the evolution of the turntable and helps guests make their own beats.

Also helping to put the art in Artopia will be Charlie Ricks, 004 Connec, Markham Maes, Chubby Robot, Armando Geneyro, Deep Rawk Dave, Tukeone and No One Special, with more artists and performers to come, as curator Jolt builds another award-winning lineup for an event so big, it will spill outside The Church onto two outdoor decks.

The party starts at 5:30 p.m. for VIP ticket-holders, who'll have access to a VIP lounge all night as well as a chance to be styled by Zoid Ham and No One Special, then have their portraits taken by Focus4Design.

Doors open to general admission ticket-holders at 7:30 p.m., and after 10 p.m., a late-admission ticket still buys hours of action: The Church will be hopping until 1:30 a.m.

Ticket prices will go up at 10 a.m. Saturday, January 12. But until midnight tonight, you can still get VIP tickets for $50 (increasing to $65 tomorrow), general admission for $30 (increasing to $35) and late-night for $15 (increasing to $20).

Grab yours now at, and see you March 1 at the party of the year.
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