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Denver's Best Bánh Mì and a Few Modern Takes on the Vietnamese Sandwich

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Mark Antonation
A pile of bánh mì from five different sandwich shops along Federal Boulevard and West Alameda Avenue.
Bánh mì are more than just sandwiches; they're proof of a Vietnamese bakery's dedication to housemade ingredients. The best shops, like Vinh Xuong Bakery, New Saigon Bakery & Deli and Baker's Palace, bake their own baguettes and make all the meats themselves, from rich pork pâté to barbecued meats to thin-sliced deli cuts. Many bánh mì outposts serve as marketplaces for Vietnamese specialties in addition to turning out cheap (most ring in at $4 or $5) and delicious sandwiches. Bánh mì culture has spread into Western restaurants, too, where chefs and bakers are dreaming up new ways to combine the spicy, tangy and meaty flavors in new ways. Here's a look into some of our Vietnamese favorites as well as a few newcomers. For an in-depth plunge into these wonderful sandwiches, read more about the evolution of bánh mì in Denver here.