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Linger Guests Dug Into Bug Grub at Fundraiser Dinner

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Danielle Lirette
Ant and forelle pear salad.
Linger has been on the forefront of insect-based food, offering cricket empanadas on its daily menu of international street food. But last night, the LoHi eatery got even buggier with guest chef and author, David George Gordon, for a Denver Bug Banquet & Benefit to raise money for the Rocky Mountain Micro Ranch, which farms crickets and other insects for human consumption. Gordon, who penned the Eat-a-Bug Cookbook, and the Linger kitchen crew turned out a five-course dinner of wax worm quesadillas; mealworm and chapulin (that's grasshoppers) squash soup; ant-and-pear salad; grasshopper kabobs with orthopteran orzo; and spiced Moravian cookies with cricket powder. All photos by Danielle Lirette.