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Self-Portraits in a Pandemic: A Virtual Display

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Adrienne DeLoe, Wheat Ridge, "My art show was canceled this year and I won’t be doingany other shows for my jewelry, which always brings inmoney. With no deadlines on the horizon, I was finding ithard to make anything at all. I was spiraling down thenever ending hole of news stories and Facebook posts,feeling myself getting more depressed. I was outraged atthe government’s response (still am) and deeply upset byhow people were handling things as individuals. Through this project, I have been able to let go of some of that outrage and understand that I can’t control anyone else’sreaction to the pandemic.I am also feeling hope for the future. We are going to befacing so many challenges, the education, health care, theeconomy, and our political structures are all undergoingmassive upheaval. I am choosing to see it as anopportunity to make things better, but I think the process isgoing to be a painful one."
Adrienne DeLoe, a member of Next Gallery, was finding it hard to make any art at all during the pandemic, until she decided to encourage people to create self-portraits through the Pandemics Self-Portraits Facebook page.

After the collection had reached 100 posts, she did her own, and shared her story. "I am thankful for this project and to everyone who has contributed," she says. "Keep your beautiful self-portraits and stories coming!