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Walk and Learn: South Broadway to the End of the Line

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Shea Sweeney
As Shea Sweeney prepares to attempt a walk across the country, she's taking long walks all over Denver — and collecting images of the areas she passes through, creating one avid pedestrian's snapshop of our changing city. Here's how she describes those walks: "I grew up in Denver but have lived elsewhere for the past five years. Since returning, I've made a point of trying to get to know the city that Denver has become, without judging its transformation too quickly. My way of doing this is to walk as many miles as I can, talk to folks, and take pictures. Very often I find that it's not the old houses or the new businesses that tell the story, but the passing glances, the brief but poignant conversations, the small, ironic oddities that can be found between the old house and the new business if you are moving slowly enough to notice them."  Her last walk before embarking on her trip takes her down South Broadway:

There was an old white piano in front of a building that looked to be mostly gutted. The sound it emitted was haunting and sweet. It bled into the swell of cars rushing along South Broadway as if their engines, too, were keys on the piano....

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