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Snoop Dogg Red Rocks Amphitheatre $59.50/VIP $100
Wiz Khalifa Red Rocks Amphitheatre $59.50/VIP $100
YG Red Rocks Amphitheatre $59.50/VIP $100
Smoke DZA Red Rocks Amphitheatre $59.50/VIP $100
Cannabis Culture Musi... Civic Center Park Free
Wyclef Jean Civic Center Park Free
B.o.B, Civic Center Park Free
The Expendables Civic Center Park Free
Zion I Civic Center Park Free
Bass Physics Civic Center Park Free
Peplove Civic Center Park Free
Pries Civic Center Park Free
SunSquabi Civic Center Park Free
Rose Quartz Civic Center Park Free
MTHDS Civic Center Park Free
Rumtum Civic Center Park Free
DJ Caven Civic Center Park Free
FL Civic Center Park Free
Matisyahu Fillmore Auditorium $49.50
Congo Sanchez Fillmore Auditorium $49.50
Talib Kweli Fillmore Auditorium $49.50
Waldos Music Fest Fillmore Auditorium $49.50
Dumpstaphunk Winter Park Resort free
Rusko City Hall $20-$40
Supreme City Hall $20-$40
Motion Trap City Hall $20-$40
Pato Banton Crested Butte Resort $15-$35
Fractalia Crested Butte Resort $15-$35
Funkdafari Crested Butte Resort $15-$35
Eldergrown Crested Butte Resort $15-$35
Western Slope Freedom... Crested Butte Resort $15-$35
Daze on the Green DCPA Sculpture Park $15-$150
Karl Denson's Tiny Un... DCPA Sculpture Park $15-$150
Kyle Hollingsworth DCPA Sculpture Park $15-$150
Toubab Krewe DCPA Sculpture Park $15-$150
Mike Dillon Band DCPA Sculpture Park $15-$150
The Recovery Act DCPA Sculpture Park $15-$150
The Dank Allstars DCPA Sculpture Park $15-$150
Vapor Fest Casselman's $15
Darkest Hour Casselman's $15
Allegaeon Casselman's $15
Fist Fight Casselman's $15
Artemesis Casselman's $15
Sunday Massacre Casselman's $15
The Dawn Chose Orion Casselman's $15
Final Blow Casselman's $15
Cattleist Casselman's $15
Hyper Crush Summit Music Hall $15
Jayefkay Summit Music Hall $15
TYR Summit Music Hall $15
DJ Snoopadelic Gothic Theatre $35/$100 Tickets
Lamont Opera Theatre Newman Center $11-$30
Method Man Cervantes' Masterpiece $42/VIP $65
Redman Cervantes' Masterpiece $42/VIP $65
Leftover Salmon Cervantes' Masterpiece $10-$20
Cannabis Cup Denver Mart $40-$200
Steel Pulse Solaris free
Bonfire Dub Solaris free
Flatbush Zombies Aggie Theatre $18.50
Loudpvck Fox Theatre $18/$20
Sweater Beats Fox Theatre $18/$20
Hyperion Fox Theatre $18/$20
Om Bluebird Theater $17/$20 Tickets
Watter Bluebird Theater $17/$20 Tickets
Funny Bunny Jam Cervantes' Other Side $20-$30
Juju Dark Star Lounge $5
Dabroots Festival Dark Star Lounge $15-$30
Nappy Roots Dark Star Lounge $15-$30
Kiss Army Herman's Hideaway $10
Pop Star Homicide Herman's Hideaway $10
Sleepwalker Herman's Hideaway $10
The Splatter Punx Herman's Hideaway $10
Festival 64 The 1Up $15-$20
Signal Path The 1Up $15-$20
Chrome Drones The 1Up $15-$20
Genetics The 1Up $15-$20
Fun Factory The 1Up $15-$20
Pruitt The 1Up $15-$20
Mantaray The 1Up $15-$20
Sightlow The 1Up $15-$20
4/20 Celebration The Roxy Theatre $15
Chris Webby The Roxy Theatre $15-$50
Dab Union The Roxy Theatre $15-$50
Weedkend Warriors The Roxy Theatre $15-$50
The Vampirates 3 Kings Tavern $6
American Dischord 3 Kings Tavern $6
4 Minute Warning 3 Kings Tavern $6
True Blue Band Quixote's True Blue $5
Kickback Quixote's True Blue $10
International Blues C... Toad Tavern TBA
Fortunate Youth Marquis Theater $12/$14
True Press Marquis Theater $12/$14
Na'an Stop Marquis Theater $12/$14
Highline Marquis Theater $12/$14
Dead Phish Orchestra Three20South $8-$10
Nitty Scott Larimer Lounge $10
Qbala Larimer Lounge $10
DJ Izer Larimer Lounge $10
The Other Black Larimer Lounge $8
SFI Larimer Lounge $8
Brittany Williams Larimer Lounge $8
The Grahams The Walnut Room $8
Martin Gilmore The Walnut Room $8
Your Father's Mustache Mercury Cafe $10
Tommy Knoxvilles Appaloosa Grill free
Keith Oxman Dazzle $20
Charles McPherson Dazzle $20
Chip Stephens Dazzle $20
Mile High Festibowl Seventh Circle free
DJ Cavem Moetavation Lost Lake Lounge $10
Albeez 4 Sheez Lost Lake Lounge $10
Koo Qua Lost Lake Lounge $10
High Features Lost Lake Lounge $10
Rhyme Progression Lost Lake Lounge $10
Skin 'n Bones Lost Lake Lounge $10
Red Kommaz Lost Lake Lounge $10
Ben Lethal Lost Lake Lounge $10
Delta Sonics Lincoln's Road House free
Jeremiah & the Red Eyes Lion's Lair $6
Fortunate Son Lion's Lair $6
Hi-Fi Gentry Lion's Lair $6
Mile High Festibowl The Armoury free
Helen Graves Washington Park Grille free
Ryan Flick Washington Park Grille free
Mile High Festibowl Carioca Cafe (Bar Bar) free
Mile High Festibowl El Charrito free
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