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The Motet DCPA Sculpture Park $10-$20
Twiddle DCPA Sculpture Park $10-$20
Ziggy Marley Chautauqua Auditorium $35-$55
The Good People Casselman's TBA
Racing on the Sun Casselman's TBA
Dumpstaphunk Cervantes' Masterpiece $15/$20
Earphunk Cervantes' Masterpiece $15/$20
Maor Levi Beta $10
Oliver Smith Beta $10
Jamie xx Bluebird Theater $20-$27 Tickets
Mattis Bluebird Theater $20-$27 Tickets
Joe Bonamassa Vilar Center $98/$128
The Everyone Orchestra Cervantes' Other Side $20-$40
Seeds Herman's Hideaway $4-$8
Swim Thru Frequencies Herman's Hideaway $4-$8
In The Beginning Herman's Hideaway $4-$8
Undevout Herman's Hideaway $4-$8
DJ Sliink The 1Up $10-$15
Green Lantern The 1Up $10-$15
TWRK The 1Up $10-$15
Vinnie Maniscalco The 1Up $10-$15
Jamestown Revival Belly Up Aspen $15/$17
Dave Watts & Friends Quixote's True Blue $20
Eminence Ensemble Quixote's True Blue $20
Pickin' on Dead Phish Quixote's True Blue $10
Chris Pandolphi Quixote's True Blue $10
Honeypuddle Plays Zep... Quixote's True Blue $10
Junko Beat Quixote's True Blue $10
Full Stop Toad Tavern $3/$5
Blind Tomorrow Toad Tavern $3/$5
Empress Toad Tavern $3/$5
Princess Music hi-dive $10
Mega Gem hi-dive $10
The Still Tide hi-dive $10
David Moss hi-dive $10
The Coast is Ours Marquis Theater $8
Finding Common Ground Marquis Theater $8
The Feeling of Falling Marquis Theater $8
Modern Weapons Marquis Theater $8
Starting the Hearts Marquis Theater $8
Two Fisted Tango Moon Room $8
Umbrella Weather Moon Room $8
Use the Sun Moon Room $8
General L.I.F.E. Larimer Lounge $10
AP Vegas Larimer Lounge $10
Collin Reynolds Larimer Lounge $10
Debt the Mental Larimer Lounge $10
Herbs TMP Larimer Lounge $10
Augmented Pneumatic Larimer Lounge $10
Lysergian Sound Diplomats The Walnut Room $8
ThuMpeR The Walnut Room $8
Sonic Geometry The Walnut Room $8
South Platte Friars Appaloosa Grill free
Boa & The Constrictors Boulder Outlook Hotel free
Kurt Rosenwinkel's Ne... Dazzle $20/$25
Venus Cruz Dazzle free
The George Nelson Trio License No 1 free
Sam Pace & The Gilded... Little Bear $4
Brian Hornbuckle Platte River Bar free
Vibe Warrior & Friends Syntax Physic Opera free
The Casket Crew Lost Lake Lounge $8
Dementia Lost Lake Lounge $8
Witchfinger Lost Lake Lounge $8
The Dead Lotus Society Lost Lake Lounge $8
Tony David Bistro Al Vino free
Dave Randon Trio Projects Herb's $5
SS Webb Lion's Lair $6
Marshall McLean Band Lion's Lair $6
Joseph Lion's Lair $6
Kurt Vee Lion's Lair $6
Wonderlic Park House free
Ibby Cline The Laughing Goat $5
Dave Tamkin The Pioneer Inn free
Toney Rocks Ziggie's $7
Theresa Peterson Trident Booksellers $5
Chris Koltak Morrison Holiday Bar free
Pickin' in the Park Paonia free
Walker / Shellist Sloan's Bar & Grille free
Jason Klobnak Quintet University Of Denver free
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