Edge Gallery

3658 Navajo St.
Denver, CO 80211
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  • Gallery Sketches: Three New Shows in Denver and Boulder for January 30-February 1
    3 months ago by Susan Froyd

    This weekend's gallery slate includes transformations of place, fanciful collaborations and an artist-curated pop-up, and wraps up a great month of shows. Keep reading for a look at what's on the walls...and the floors. See also: 10...

  • To Like or Not to Like
    6 months ago by Bree Davies

    Is what we say through the voice of our social-networking persona more than just a simple status update? Decorated local poet, actor and teacher Wayne A. Gilbert thinks so, and it was the gathering of his own Internet postings that ...

  • Behind the Mask
    1 year ago by Susan Froyd

    The pairing of clay artists Gayla Lemke and Marie EvB Gibbons goes back more than twenty years; friends and colleagues, they met at the old Off-Center co-op in Arvada and have since shown work side by side many times, in various set...

  • Laura Phelps Rogers's community interactive show, 1100 Pieces, opens at Edge tonight
    2 years ago by Bree Davies

    Laura Phelps Rogers needs viewers to interact with her latest work, 1100 Pieces. Beginning with 1,100 individual four-inch-by-four-inch canvases adorned with letters, the artist is asking her audience to share a word, one that will ...

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