Edge Gallery

3658 Navajo St.
Denver, CO 80211
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  • Neo Pop and Classic Contemporary Works on Display at Edge
    4 months ago by Michael Paglia

    Dennis Pippen, co-president of Edge, makes his Denver gallery debut there with the solo Magically Delicious, in the venue’s recently spiffed up space. The title, which is taken from the Lucky Charms cereal slogan, aptly conveys the ...

  • Gallery Sketches: Three New Shows in Denver and Boulder for January 30-February 1
    7 months ago by Susan Froyd

    This weekend's gallery slate includes transformations of place, fanciful collaborations and an artist-curated pop-up, and wraps up a great month of shows. Keep reading for a look at what's on the walls...and the floors. See also: 10...

  • To Like or Not to Like
    10 months ago by Bree Davies

    Is what we say through the voice of our social-networking persona more than just a simple status update? Decorated local poet, actor and teacher Wayne A. Gilbert thinks so, and it was the gathering of his own Internet postings that ...

  • Behind the Mask
    2 years ago by Susan Froyd

    The pairing of clay artists Gayla Lemke and Marie EvB Gibbons goes back more than twenty years; friends and colleagues, they met at the old Off-Center co-op in Arvada and have since shown work side by side many times, in various set...

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