Mark Antonation

Garibaldi Mexican Bistro

Garibaldi Mexican Bistro shares a building with a Conoco service station; the little eatery is wedged between the gas station's convenience store and automated car wash. Of course, we wouldn't send you to a taqueria if it wasn't top-notch, and the food is the main attraction. Daily specials β€” lamb barbacoa, quesadillas with huitlacoche and squash blossoms β€” are worth investigating, or sample the unique queka, which comes in somewhere between an oversized taco and a corn-tortilla quesadilla. Other hard-to-find regional dishes include pambazos (smothered tortas), nopales rellenos (stuffed cactus leaves), Oaxacan-style tlayudas, and mixiote (slow-cooked pork or chicken). Fill ’er up!

Restaurant Details